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Monday, July 24, 2017

Backup Solutions provided by Wagga Mobile Computer Repairs

In the age of digital photography, most people have decades worth of irreplaceable photos on their computers, not to mention other valuable files and documents.

Most people don't think about backing up until it is too late. It's not just disasters like fire and flood that can cause data loss.  The hard drive that is responsible for data storage inside your computer is one of the most likely components to fail.  Data loss is a real problem that can happen to anyone at any time.

Talk to us about our automated backup solutions that report to you so you know they are working. We have affordable solutions for all data amounts and can assist you with simple ways to keep backup media offsite so that a copy of your data remains safe even in a disater situation.

Don't wait until your computer needs to be repaired and suffer the anxious wait to see if your files are lost forever!

If you have suffered a catastrophic failure and have no backup available, we do also offer emergency data recovery services, but this can be time consuming and expensive, and there is no guaruntee of success depending on the level of damage to the physical hard drive media.  A proactive backup implementation plan is a much better strategy!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

If your computer is running slow Wagga Mobile Computer Repairs can improve it with maintenance and cleanupIf your computer is running slow you don't need to wait for complete failure before asking for help.  Wagga Mobile Computer Repairs offer a range of computer cleanup and maintenance services on either a one-off or recurring basis.

Just like your car or your house, routine maintenance can prevent larger problems from developing, as well as providing the benefit of optimum performance day to day.  We have mainetenance packages that can not only increase the speed of your computer and reduce the likelyhood of lost files, but even extend the life of your computer to give you more value out of your investment!

Contact Us now for details.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wagga Mobile Computer Repairs can protect you against RansomwareI'm sure by now everyone has heard about the many Ransomware threats spreading around the world. If your computer becomes infected your files will become encrypted and the only way to repair and get your data back is to pay the criminals to get the decryption key. or delete your files and restore from backup.

The best defence against these attacks is good quality Anti-Virus Software that is regularly updated and making sure your Windows Updates are happening successfully on your computer.  If you would like to go a step further though you can check out our article on Unified Threat Management Devices.

If you would like Wagga Mobile Computer Repairs to check your level of preparedness please contact us today!

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