Don't be a Victim of Computer Crime

Computer Crime in the Wagga Area

It’s impossible to over stress the importance of basic practical computer security.

Make sure you have a high quality anti-virus package. Make sure it is kept up to date. Make sure you install security updates as they are released by your software providers. Maybe even supplement your anti-virus solution with a quality anti-malware package.

Even with all of this, penetration can happen, and with that can come disaster – Identity theft, financial loss, damaged credit ratings and the list goes on.

Quite often the protection we most need is from ourselves. Basic common sense can avoid the majority of infections. If you receive an email from someone you don’t know (especially if it contains a link or an attached file) be very cautious. A lot of times evil doers will very cleverly disguise themselves as legitimate companies, but think before you act – on the most basic level do you do business with that bank or courier company or whoever it may be? If not extreme caution is advised. If you are browsing the web and a pop-up flashes up saying your computer is infected, before you go ahead and click anything, is the popup from the anti-virus software that you use? A lot of them can be convincing fakes, but with a little caution and a small, healthy dose of paranoia you can avoid these landmines.

A good little tip, especially with suspect emails - if you are being asked to click on a link, hover your mouse over the link (DON’T CLICK!) – whilst the wording of the link as you see it may be “Click here to login to your bank”, when you hover over the link it will show you the actual destination you will be sent to – if it is some unintelligible Russian URL you can be fairly sure to delete the email quick smart!

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