What exactly does a computer repair technician do?

Computer Repair TechnicianIn the simplest terms possible, a computer repair technician diagnoses and solves problems encountered by individuals and businesses with their PC, laptop, server and communications equipment.

Both hardware and software problems are addressed by a computer repair technician. As both hardware and software are constantly evolving, a good tech is continually learning on the job, in the classroom and by reading news releases and research papers.

However as well as good technical skills, what sets apart the best techs from their competition is the ability to communicate. The better they can communicate the faster they can come to understand the problem you are having, and the better they can explain what the fault was, what was required to resolve it and what, if anything, is required to prevent the fault from re-occurring.

The relationship between client and IT repair technician is quite a personal one. Whilst there are a myriad of qualified professionals out there who can repair the problem you are having, it’s often finding someone you can “gel” with that is the hardest part, but once you do, everything else becomes effortless.

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