What is a UTM? (And no, it’s not some sort of disease….)

Computer Security WatchguardIn these modern times of cyber-crimes and identity theft, security is, and should be, a growing concern to all computer users, not just big businesses.

Most home computer users think of security in terms of Anti-Virus software, which is a good economical step that every computer owner should take, but for those needing, or just wanting more protection it is relatively easy to take the next step.

A Unified Threat Management device (UTM) is basically a very intelligent, beefed up version of the basic firewall present in your basic ADSL or cable modem provided by your internet service provider. It does all the basic firewall functions, but on top of that it individually scans all incoming and outgoing packets for virus, malware and spam activity so suspicious traffic can be stopped before it is even allowed to enter your network. Most quality models also offer extra intrusion prevention services and also data theft prevention which keeps an eye on things like credit card numbers leaving your system and make sure you have authorised such action.

At Wagga Mobile Computer Repairs we deal with WatchGuard Technologies – one of the world leaders in UTM technology, but there are many available a different price points in the market. If you would like to discuss WatchGuard or UTM concepts in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us.