Which laptop should I get? AKA do I need a laptop?

Laptop Verses DesktopA question I get all the time is “which laptop should I get?” The answer I give most often? “Should you get a laptop?”

Laptops, or Notebooks if you prefer are great for their intended purpose. If you NEED to be mobile, then they are an invaluable convenience, but if your laptop is going to spend its life sitting on your desk, possibly even plugged into an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, then you need to consider what you are giving up.

When you compare the cost of your new purchase, be it $200 or $2000, you will get more power and reliability in a desktop computer per dollar spent. Fact. We pay a high price for portability so if it’s not a feature you plan to use you could be getting more out of your investment.

Desktop PC’s are also upgradable to a much greater extent than laptop’s which have limited upgrade paths, and the components that can be upgraded on laptops usually need to be purchased from the manufacturer at high cost rather than cheaper generic options available for most PC’s.

Another factor to consider is the cost of repair – the two main things likely to fail on a laptop are the main board and the screen, and trying to replace either on a laptop that is only days out of warranty can end up costing more than a new replacement.

This article is in no way intended to discourage people from investing in a laptop, just consider the reason for your purchase and its intended use. Or just buy both, but that’s just this nerd’s opinion 